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I am founder of Mai Pakistani Hoon page on Facebook.
Mai Pakistani Hoon Page Story
Back in 2001, i was in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, sitting in room with laptop and watching the news of city Karachi... that time there is many problem in Karachi..everywhere is target killing & peoples afraid to go outside from the home..also there is Mahajir & Pathan fight each other and burn the shops of tea of carpets...
that time i have an idea in my mind to do something positive to stop this issue in Karachi.. so i made a Facebook page "Mai Pakistani Hoon"

and start posting about positive stuff to make them in one nation. "No Pakhtoon, No Punjabi, No Baloch, No SIndhi" and i get a very good response, I couldn't do much but at least something i did.

i am happy today i have 729,120 Pakistani in the page Alhumdulliah...

i am not alone in the page.. there is some admins who helping me to make better Pakistan

Thanks for your visit.

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