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PTV Memories

c. 1980s: A scene from "Aangan Terha" 

c. 1980s: A scene from "Aangan Terha" - Late Salim Nasir

c. 1980s: A scene from "Aangan Terha"

Junaid Jamshed  - Vital Signs

c. 1980s: PTV Classic Drama Serial "Dhoop Kinarey"

c. 1980s: Team of PTV's popular Puppet Show "Kaliaan".

c. 1980s: A scene from "Aangan Terha" 

c. 1980s: Dildar Pervez Bhatti and Naveed Shahzad during PTV's Election Transmission 

c. 1980s: Mahpara Safdar during 9:00 PM news bulletin

c. 1980s: Two legends - Mehdi Hassan and Moin Akhtar

Masood Akhtar and Zeb Rehman

c. 1980s: Producer/Director Shoaib Mansoor with Cast of Comedy Show "Fifty Fifty"

c. 1980s: Ismail Tara and Majid Jahangi - Comedy Show "Fifty Fifty".
c. 1970s: News Casters Zubair Uddin and Nasreen Pervaiz reading 9:00 PM news bulletin at from PTV Karachi Studios 

c. 1980s: Cast of Comedy Show "Fifty Fifty"  (L - R) Zeba Shehnaz, Sakhi Kamal, Ashraf Khan, Hasnat Ahmed, Adil Wadia, Ismail Tara, Majid Jehnagir and Composer Arshad Mehmood

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