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Top Ten Best Cities In Pakistan


Stable and progressive as compared to other countries
I have lived in Karachi and love it but as it stands now my vote will be Lahore for many reasons. For example Lahore has better infrastructure and public transport, more cleaner and greener, comparatively less crime and people are more traditional and caring. Most of all it has all five seasons to enjoy with especially my favorite is winter in Lahore.


This city should've been on Number One. The educational hub of South Asia as well as the port city of Pakistan, our country is incomplete without Karachi. Karachi has everything which Lahore has like culture, elite lifestyle, high rise buildings but Lahore is deprived of some things which Karachi posses. Examples are Beaches, Port, and the bearable climate itself. I agree that 'Lahore Lahore Hai' but a person who hasn't seen Karachi hasn't seen Pakistan.
Karachi is the biggest city of pakistan
The financial hub of Pakistan.
Karachi should’ve been number one because it's the main business bay of Pakistan. But due to lack of government concerns the city is facing severe problems.


I am a Lahori, which makes me a resident of city that has a everything. But once you visit Faisalabad, you feel something that you've never felt before. Faisalabad has something which no other city has. That is its unique culture. The people of Lahore and Karachi have forgotten their true cultural identity but Faisalabad strongly retains it today. The people are very hospitable and the city itself very charming. Ghanta Ghar and the eight bazaars are worth visiting. Faisalabad might not be of that standard like Karachi or Lahore but it is place that's worth visiting.
Faisalabad is safest country for living
Faisalabad is very safest city & have great importance in cloths all over the Pakistan it is a industrial city.
Faisalabad is best.


I have lived in Peshawar a for three years. I feel no hesitation in saying that when I heard the news of our transfer to Peshawar, I was shocked and was very upset. I would prefer living in the wild than in Peshawar. Might it be the terrorist incidents or the city's conservative nature, I didn't wanted to go to Peshawar. However, my opinions changed once we were settled. The People were extremely hospitable, the city offered anything you required and the land of Peshawar felt very protective. Despite many bomb blasts, once I heard that we were leaving Peshawar, I literally cried and didn't wanted to say goodbye. I always have desire to visit Peshawar once again and wish all the best for its people whom I witnessed sacrificing their life for our country. Such a sense of Patriotism Iis deficient in another place in the Country. LOVE YOU PESHAWAR!
Peshawar is the most important city because it is the gateway to central Asia.
Peshawar is so beautiful.
Fantastic positive changes in the city since PTI started development here


Love multan safest protected by the military
The City of Saints. No need to say more!
Multan is a peace full and safe city in pakistan 
Land of peace


Islamabad is a very beautiful city among all
Islamabad is a modern city blessed with natural beauty. Rest of Pakistan simply don't come close.
Islamabad Is The Capital City Of Pakistan.
The only planned city in pakistan


A calm and cool city but offers anything which residents require
It's a beautiful country because I am a Pakistani and at least it is better then America

Hyderabad is a great city
Hyderabad is one of the greatest city in Pakistan


Rawalpindi is most populated city of Pakistan so its at no.4 in list of biggest cities of Pakistan
Rawlalpindi is the green city of pakistan
Good city with rush of people n traffic
Land of one and only pindiboyz...


I had went there and I think it is beautiful then the white house in America and I know that America is really jealous of the beautiful Pakistan their so selfish.
Sialkot is an industrial city its famous products football, hockey, leather. Garments, surgical instruments etc
Very nice city&hub of Pakistan industry
Sialkot is my city and I love it so much and I hope one day there will be the name of sialkot in top list of pakistan 1st 3 cities
Thank u
I hope u all come to stay in sialkot


#1 in many things like (brave, nice peoples, nice foods, etc)
It is the industry of Pakistan.. Pakistan can not run without an industry..
Gujranwala is my life...
Thanks you gujranwala I love you

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